Front End Repair in Marathon, FL

A problem with your vehicle’s front end components can make your drive bumpy and uncomfortable. If you notice that your vehicle vibrates at high speeds or that your vehicle nose dives when braking, there’s probably an issue with a steering or suspension component. 

At Marathon Tire, Lube, & More, we are the trusted experts when it comes to everything front end repair, including suspension repair, steering repair, wheel alignment, and more. We work on all makes and models of vehicles and can help solve any problem that you may have. Whether there’s an issue with the ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, and more - Marathon can help. 

Symptoms of front end problems include: 

    • Bouncing excessively after driving over bumps and potholes
    • Difficulty steering or crooked steering wheel
    • Rattling while driving
    • Uneven tire wear
    • Vehicle nose dives while braking
    • Vehicle pulls to one side

Many components of the steering system can wear down over time and start to cause issues with overall driveability. As soon as you notice a problem with the way your vehicle drives, don’t hesitate to give the professionals here at Marathon Tire, Lube, & More a call for fast and friendly service.

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